Curiosity Hits Spam Policy
Spam Policy
Updated on: May 30, 2024, is fully aware of our duties and responsibilities and we ensure that we strictly respect all internet users. We always ensure and follow ZERO TOLERANCE Spam Policy accordingly at all times. We hate spam and sensitive to the privacy and responsible in protecting the rights of everyone. We oppose and condemn those sending unsolicited emails (Spam) and we will make sure to strictly enforce our Anti-Spam policies. does NOT and will not allow anyone to use our products/services for the purpose of sending Spam or to be referenced in Spam. If a customer found to be sending Spam to anyone using or promoting our products or services, his/her account will be terminated without prior notice.

What is Spam?
Spam an unsolicited email or alternative electronic messages. May it be any promotion, information, or solicitation sent to a person without their prior consent and approval is a Spam. Few examples of Spam are but not limited to:

Any email sent to recipients that had no prior association with the sender or did not agree to be contacted by the sender are considered as Spam.

An email that does not have a valid reply-to address is considered as Spam.

Any email sent to a recipients without a clear way for a person to opt-out or request future messages not be sent to them are considered as Spam.

Any email is Spam if sent to a recipient who had previously subscribed to receive newsletters, product information, but later opted-out or unsubscribe by indicating to the sender they no longer wish to receive additional email communications.

Any email sent to recipients obtained from "opt-in" lists with whom the sender has no prior association are considered as Spam.

What is NOT Spam?
Any message is NOT Spam if the recipient directly requested information be sent to them from the sender or the sender's organization, and that recipient has not subsequently asked for removal from their list.

If you are unsure as to whether a particular email violates this policy, the e-message will most likely be considered Spam. If you have any questions about our Anti-Spam Policy, or if you want to report a violation of our policies, please contact through our support.

What other requirements must be followed to be compliant with Curiosity Hits Anti-Spam Policies?
All email sent with any mention of or linking in any way to our products, services, offerings, or anything whatsoever tied to our us must include removal links in your messages, but they cannot be used in place of our link. Failure to clearly include our removal link is a direct violation of our Anti-Spam policies.

All emails must contains the unsubscribe link in the footer.

What is the United States federal law about Spam?

The law is known as the Can-Spam Act. Visit to learn more about the legislation.

How does the Can-Spam Act law work with Curiosity Hits Spam Policies?
All email sent with any mention/linking in any way to our products, services, or anything in any way tied to our company must be fully compliant with the Can-Spam Act law. They must be 100% compliant with all our anti-Spam Policy requirements as indicated above. Failure to comply with all our anti-Spam Policy requirements even if your message is Can-Spam compliant will be considered as a violation of our Anti-Spam policies.

Does the Curiosity Hits's Anti-Spam Policy may change?
Yes, it possible but we will not remove our requirements. We reserved the right update occasionally and add new requirements which we deemed necessary. It is your responsibility to be sure to check back often to ensure your marketing methods are always compliant to our anti-Spam Policies.